Stochastic Bandit Models for Delayed Conversion Events. Vernade, C., Cappé, O., Perchet, V. (to appear). Accepted for a presentation at UAI 2017.

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Bernoulli Rank-1 Bandits for Click Feedback. Katariya, S., Kveton, B., Szepesvari, C., Vernade, C., & Wen, Z. Accepted to IJCAI 2017, Australia.

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C. Vernade and O. Cappé. Learning from missing data using selection bias in movie recommendation. In EEE Int. Conf. Data Science Advanced Analytics (DSAA), Paris, October 19–21 2015. [Download slides here]


Conferences and workshops without proceedings

Online Inference for Multiple-Item Display Under the Position-Based Model.C.Vernade, P.Lagrée and O.Cappé. Workshop on Online Advertising Systems, ICML 2016, New York. Workshop paper

Modèle de distraction pour la sélection séquentielle de contenu.C.Vernade, P.Lagrée and O.Cappé. Communication aux Journées de Statistiques 2016, Montpellier. [Slides in english here]



C. Vernade.Allocation séquentielle de ressource : une approche bayésienne de la recommandation de contenu. Master’s thesis (in french). September 2014.