I grew up in the center of France until the age of 17 when I moved to Paris for my studies. I’ve studied mathematics and Physics for two years in Classes Préparatoires, a very special French undergraduate course that prepare students to competitive exams. I was ranked well enough to enter TELECOM PARISTECH in 2011 and I graduated in 2014. I spent my last year at school in ENS Cachan, doing a master degree in  Mathematics, Machine Learning and Computer Vision (MVA in French for « Mathématiques, Vision, Apprentissage »). For this year, I was granted a Excellence Scholarship by the FMJH — Jacques Hadamard Mathematical Foundation. I did my 6 month internship at the LTCI Lab (Télécom Paristech & CNRS) from April to September. I worked on bandit models for recommender systems, more specifically, I tried to adapt the Thompson Sampling algorithm to movie recommendation. You can find a report of my work, written in French, in the page dedicated to publications.